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Jabberwocky is eight games in one!

Bandersnatch: A solo puzzle game by Joel Colombo.
Borogoves: A 1-2 player map-making game by Karl Lange.
Brillig: A 2-player bidding game by Peter C. Hayward.
Gimble: A 2-3 player rummy game by John Fowler.
Gyre: A 2-3 player area control game by Marek Tupy.
Mimsy: A 2-3 player mancala game by Joe Myron.
Mome: A 2-4 player bridge-building game by Mark Bethell.
Slithy: A 3-7 player negotiation game by Patrick Chapman.

1-7 Players, 10-15 minutes, ages 10+

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