Scuttle! + Scurvy + The Curse of Black Jack

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A fast-playing card game for pirates of all ages!

Scheme, battle, and steal from other players to be the first to collect 21 doubloons. Gather the crew, load the cannons, feed the monkey, and prepare to set sail!

Compatible with all other games in the Treasure Hunters series. Includes the Scuttle! promo packs.

1-5 players, 10 minutes, ages 6+

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2 reviews for Scuttle! + Scurvy + The Curse of Black Jack

  1. Melanie Fulker

    Looking through the adorably illustrated deck, it seems as though there are so many different cards that the game must be complicated beyond belief…but then you play it. Rounds can finish in the blink of an eye and before you know it you’ve been playing for hours. The balance of strategy and the good will of the sea of cards makes each game feel new and challenging. Everyone I have played this with has been surprised by how much they enjoyed it, and are always keen for another round, then another, then another, then another…

  2. Amika

    Such a fantastic game! Quick to learn, easy to play, ensues a great time.

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