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Jabberwocky is a collection of games, curated by Peter C. Hayward with art by Tania Walker. The games included in the print-and-play are:

  • Bandersnatch, a solo game by Joel Colombo
  • Borogoves, a 1-2 player map-making game by Karl Lange
  • Gyre, a 2-3 player area control game by Marek Tupy
  • Mimsy, a 2-3 player mancala game by Joe Myron
  • Slithy, a 3-7 player negotiation game by Patrick Chapman
Rules and cards:

Dracula’s Feast: New Blood

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Dracula’s Feast: New Blood is a 4-8 player logical deduction game by Peter C. Hayward and Tom Lang, with art by Michael Dashow. Dracula invited the townsfolk over for dinner (and maybe a few for dessert), but – what a pain in the neck – a mash of monsters have crashed the party looking for a bite. Now, everything is at stake…


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Brains! is the third game in the Treasure Hunters series. Designed by Peter C. Hayward, with art by Kelly Jo.
Rules and cards:

Hidden Panda

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Hidden Panda is the world’s cutest social deduction game. Designed by Peter C. Hayward, with art by Kelly Jo.
Rules cards, and tokens:

Village Pillage

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Village Pillage is a fast, fun, chaotic game for all ages, designed by Peter C. Hayward and Tom Lang, with art by Tania Walker.
Rules and cards:

Show & Tile

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Show & Tile is a creative game for all ages, designed by Isaac Shalev and Matt Loomis.
Rules, cards, and tiles:


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Ninjitsu! is a fast, fun, ninja-themed game for all ages.
Rules and cards:

The Lady and the Tiger

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The Lady and the Tiger is five games in one:
  • DoorsA 2-player bluffing game by Peter C. Hayward.
  • FavorA 2-4 player bidding game by Allysha Tulk and Kevin Carmichael.
  • HoardA solo game by Ken Maher.
  • LabyrinthA 2-player maze game by Philip Tootill.
  • TrapsA 2-6 player bluffing game by JR Honeycutt.
Cards and Tokens:
Rules (English):
Rules (Translated):

Dracula’s Feast

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Dracula’s Feast is a logical deduction game for 4-8 players. Suitable for ages 10 and up, it plays in 10-15 minutes.

Dracula has invited all the townsfolk for dinner (and maybe a few for dessert), but some monsters are being a pain in the neck and have crashed the party: now, everything is at stake…

Dance with other guests, guess their unique identities, and when you’ve worked out who everyone is, make your Grand Reveal to win the game!



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Scuttle! is a card game for 1-5 valiant pirates, suitable for players as young as 6.

In this fast-playing card game, players scheme, battle and steal to be the first to collect 21 doubloons. Each turn either draw a card or play a card – cards can be played as either treasure or as an action. Do you want to draw 2 cards, or steal the treasure chest your opponent just played? Or would you rather wipe the board…knowing that your booty is protected!

Scuttle! – English Print & Play
Scuttle! – French Print & Play
Scuttle! – German Print & Play
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Scuttle! – Spanish Print & Play