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It’s another beautiful day in the village! Your farmer is hard-working and defenseless, your wall is strong and true, your raider is a plucky underdog, and your merchant is hiring the finest folk that turnips can buy. Everything is perfect…except for those HORRIBLE OTHER VILLAGES! Ugh, you hate them so much! But you’ve got a plan to rise above these petty squabbles. You’re going to become a KINGDOM.

In Village Pillage, you’re racing your neighbors to acquire 3 relics and prove your right to rule. Each turn, everybody simultaneously plays cards against both their neighbors. It’s rock-paper-scissors meets the prisoner’s dilemma…with turnips!

2-6 players, 20 minutes, ages 8+.

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4 reviews for Village Pillage

  1. Melanie Fulker

    The simplest way to explain the playability of this game is to say that even when I lose, I can’t wait to play again. The punch out pieces are a nice treat when you first open the box, the art is fun and expressive, and once you start playing you realise you care about turnips more than you ever thought. I enjoyed the 3+ player variant first, but since then I’ve played the 2 player version as well. The 2 player version is somehow completely of the same spirit and almost a new game altogether, it’s brilliant! Every card has been carefully balanced within the game mechanics and has a personality all of their own; the care that has gone into the look and dynamics of this game are joyfully plain.

  2. David V.

    Super easy to teach and so much fun!

  3. Emma Berry

    So much fun!!!

  4. Person12345

    It is simple, so beautifully designed, and is SO FUN!
    This game is just a must.

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