It’s another beautiful day in the village! Your farmer is hard-working and defenseless, your wall is strong and true, your raider is a plucky underdog, and your merchant is hiring the finest folk that turnips can buy.

Everything is perfect…except for those HORRIBLE OTHER VILLAGES! Ugh, you hate them so much!

But you’ve got a plan to rise above these petty squabbles.

You’re going to become a KINGDOM. Cunningly deploy your raiders, farmers, merchants, and walls; be the first to collect three relics and prove your right to rule. That’ll show em!

Village Pillage is a 2-5 player game of cunning, chaos, and betrayal! Each turn, play a card against both of your neighbors. Then everyone flips and resolves simultaneously:

  • Farmers earn turnips
  • Walls protect and store them
  • Raiders steal enemy turnips
  • Merchants buy new cards from the market to add to your hand.

Gain enough turnips to trade them in for a royal relic. If you’re the first to collect three relics, you win!

Funded with Kickstarter
Ages 10 and up

2-5 players

Play-time: 10-15 minutes

Village Pillage is a fast and furious game of risk, chaos, and betrayal with easy-to-learn mechanics by Tom Lang and Peter C. Hayward. Available now!