French Toast Box

French Toast is a delightful 5-minute word guessing game of hot and cold for 2-10+ aliens of all ages.

When the aliens landed, the first thing they saw on Earth was French Toast, and it became famous as the first human object ever encountered! As they discovered more human things, their reports back home were always met with the same question: “Is it like French Toast?”

In each game of French Toast, one player acts as the Toastmaster. They have a Secret Word that you and your friends have to guess. The catch? The Toastmaster may only communicate by repeating your guesses back to you!

Ages 6 and up

2-10+ players

Play-time: 5 minutes

Developed by Peter C. Hayward, with art by Tina Bongorno, French Toast is fast, fun, and perfect for family game nights and long car trips. Pre-order now!