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A newsletter and a podcast from the Jellybean Games team

A podcast for board game designers

Fun Problems is a fortnightly podcast about board game design, hosted by A.J. Brandon and Peter C. Hayward.

AJ has half a decade of board game retail experience, and has sold more games than most people have played.

Peter is a board game triple threat: a publisher, developer, and designer, and has ten years of design experience and wisdom to share.

Their two perspectives combine to offer insightful tips and tricks on game design, covering everything from how to get started on a design to deep insights into the fun problems that come with developing a hit board game.

A newsletter for board game lovers

Fun Problems is a monthly newsletter for board game lovers. Each issue, we’ll be sharing:


Game design tips and analysis

Bite-sized tips on board game design from designers Sara Perry and Peter C. Hayward


“Easter eggs” in board games

Hidden nods to other games or clever references to media that creators have hidden in their games


Great games that you might have missed

Game spotlights for hidden gems and games that use clever mechanics


Weird board game facts

Fun tidbits, weird facts, and interesting stories