The Lady and the Tiger

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The Lady and the Tiger is five games in one! Inspired by the classic short story “The Lady or the Tiger?” by Frank R. Stockton, each game offers a unique experience. Five amazing games, packed into just eighteen unique cards!

  • Doors: A 2-player deduction game by Peter C. Hayward.
  • Favor: A 2-4 player bidding game by Allysha Tulk and Kevin Carmichael.
  • Hoard: A solo puzzle game by Ken Maher.
  • Labyrinth: A 2-player maze game by Philip Tootill.
  • Traps: A 2-6 player bluffing game by JR Honeycutt.

1-6 players, 15 minutes, ages 10+

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  1. Melanie Fulker

    I could give this a top rating for the artwork and quality of pieces alone, but getting 5 games with a range of styles and player groups all in one box is fun and brilliant. Everyone I play ‘Lady and the Tiger’ with remarks on how pretty it is, how clever it is, and how fun it is.

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